grab a cup

grab a cup
kick back and relax

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I tend to be a very 'keyed up' person, always moving, always driven.  If you come to visit my home, I rarely sit.  I try, I really do.  About the only way to get me to sit involves a hot beverage and either a good book about whatever topic I am currently passionate about, or, a great friend with the promise of great conversation.
So I'm learning to relax a bit.  Its truly a learned skill.  And I think I'm making SOME progress in this area, even though I am shocked at where its come from.
As a kid, I grew up in a very conservative home, and on Sundays it was a given that we would be in church, come home for a big homemade lunch, the required nap, and then perhaps a cup of tea before choir practice and evening service.  I guess it was our ritual.  But there were definitely things we didn't 'do' on Sundays.  We didn't go to restaurants, malls, gas stations, rarely did we have a friend over, we didn't watch sports, and for a long while we didn't even watch TV on Sundays. 
When I met my husband, his family had a very different way of 'celebrating' the Lord's day.  They took mom out to eat every Sunday after church so she wouldn't have to cook, and did not hesitate to stop by the mall before heading home. 
So how did we meld these?  Probably a lot wilder than my family, and more sedate than his.  
And now we go another direction altogether.
My progress has surprisingly come from Saturday.
We've begun attending a messianic synagogue.  The worship services are on Saturdays.  Oh yeah, that's when the Sabbath was celebrated in the Bible.  I've never had a problem or conviction for or against either Saturday or Sunday worship, so I was open to either.  But I've always been in the institutional church on Sunday - my whole life.  It was almost a naturally biological routine.
Changing to Saturday has disrupted my routine completely.  But it allows us to do what is most important to us during the first part of our weekend.  Worship.  And it puts the first things first, right where they should be.
Who da thunk it?