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grab a cup
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine

I think I smell newly sharpened pencils on the summer breeze! School is 'fixin' ta start' around these parts. I can't believe how early the public schools are starting now! Seems like it used to be after Labor Day, but now its August 3rd! The coolness of this year's weather really makes it feel as if summer has only just begun, and is now nearly ended.
But thank God for homeschooling. We won't start back for another 2 weeks yet. And I'm holding off on running out to grab school supplies. I'm waiting on that Tennessee 'tax free holiday' before I fill the list I'm working on.
This year we're going to go back to the unit studies curriculum that we started last fall and abandoned. It required a fair amount of prep from both mama and papa, and with our work schedules being so uber-demanding and mama being preggers, we felt it best to hold off and stick to the regular readin', 'ritin, and 'rithmetic. Now that we're all caught up on that, and the baby's here, we are looking foward to delving in to "Life in the New World" this fall.
And so.... with those last fleeting moments of summer before you, sit down with a sketch pad, camera, or computer and submit your favorite back to school art or slogan. Everybody is going to need back to school clothes in the next few weeks, so put your design in an email, and we might put it on a soon-to-be-popular shirt, cap, or jeans. And get your friends to vote for it. Go to the submit section on the website and send it on - in short order. Like I said - some of those kids will have to have clothes by next week. We can get your artwork up quickly so don't hesitate, and don't delay.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brisk Breezes

Whee! What a week! I've had a bit of writers cramp, but no more. There is so much going on around here, its a bit insane, but highly enjoyable. Loads of cleaning, scrubbing and reorganizing. Getting the unneeded items out and into a garage sale, and then getting ready for school to start soon. Its been a fun, busy, and productive summer. Still hoping to get some sewing projects done before school as well. We'll see...

We are THOROUGHLY enjoying the record low temps that are hitting Nashvegas. Walks with the kids after dinner, gardening, cleaning up the backyard. Usually can't even stand to be outside this time of year, but we have had the windows WIDE open enjoying the breezes. Papa's been taking the boys on daily bike rides too. Hoping they will keep this up when the temps rise again - its good for all those boys!

Papa's been busy: joined a business networking group. He had been a member of the same group with our previous business, and had really done well with it. He was so excited to bring West Pole to them. Something new and totally different from where we were. Reception was very warm, and encouraging. Its finally something we feel like we can seriously pursue.

Why? We really have a passion for our family, and as entrepreneurs we can truly have the best situation to raise our children the way that we believe we should. It gives us the flexibility both with our schedules and our geography. Income possibilities are generally not limited but by your own efforts. It allows us to educate our children in the best way we can with lots of field trips and hands on experiences.

West Pole also allows us to get the creative input from others we love to encourage. We are looking for back-to-school, homeschool, and creation oriented artwork and slogans right now, so get your thinking caps on. Kick around your ideas to some other folks, and then send them on to us. Then get everyone you know to get on there and vote for you!

And speaking of creation-oriented, some of you may know that we are highly interested in creation science. We follow the websites, blogs, magazines, and the museum news actively. We look forward to one day supporting this creation message in a really big way.

I mentioned above a previous business we owned. We had intended to use that business to fund this new one. Arrangements were made, but God saw fit that they were not fulfilled. We are hoping West Pole may be the starting point to head into the future of being a beacon to those who are dealing with the stormy winds of an uncertain life. Here's to hoping that these hopes will flow out into funding for that message of intelligent design.

Okay, so we are fulfilling some of our first orders, and customizing them too. We got some really great new designs on the site, so check them out and vote. Get your friends and fam to get on and vote too. And order one of your favorites!

More jeans coming soon...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let there be light

Let there be light.

That's how God started, right?

I've been thinking about how to start this whole thing, and who better to pattern after?

So, the light. We "hung a light out" figuratively speaking, starting up this website several months ago. Due to several circumstances, it had to move to the back burner until we could stir the pot.

Well, the pot has moved to the front burner, and I'm turning up the heat. I'm getting out my spoon and I've got my new screen printed apron on. I'm educating myself, and doing some online networking. Reading, finding other blogs, searching out designs, tweeting, facebooking, and cooking some meals for the family in between.

The Wind at the West Pole is a light breeze today. I hope to keep you posted on conditions: what is going on with us, with our website, our thoughts on politics, the educational system, my new favorite recipe, maybe the church, the way things ought to be in our opinion, and lots of other random ramblings - wind. Some days there may be tornadoes brewing, and other days - a light breeze.

We officially join a business networking group tomorrow. Michael will be speaking to them and introducing them to the West Pole. And hopefully the winds will be favorable!