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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beautiful mess

New year, and HIGH time to get blogging!
So much has happened....

How many changes can happen to a person before they, well, change themselves?
And yet the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I still believe in my Saviour, though I think of him more as Yeshua haMashiach now, rather than as Jesus Christ.  My thoughts deepen on this continually.  I am SO glad to know his well never runs dry!
I listen to Rabbis more now.  Never really did before. 
I avoid listening to reverends, pastors, preachers.
Kind of leave me nauseous.
I am on a journey and accepting it as such.  I don't expect to 'arrive' now until I am Home in Yeshua's presence.  I am okay with being imperfect, with making mistakes, with not having all the answers, with not living up to expectations.
And I've found that others are not okay with that, and despite how painful that can be sometimes, I am okay with that now too.
I am learning to extend grace that I have not extended before.  I am reserving judgement.  I may not know what others are facing when they offend me.  I will initially assume that the offense was unintended instead of jumping to conclusions.  Perhaps its my new year's resolution.  Unofficially.
For now, the journey is imperfect.  I expect it to stay that way.  But it is temporary, permanently temporary - at least for this life!  But I also expect my journey to improve.  It is so full of peace, of YHWH, of knowledge of his presence and spirit.  So full of blessings.  And G-d will bless us even more as we bless him.
And I am SO blessed.

To live in this beautiful mess!

Shalom, y'all!

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  1. Who's offended? I hope nothing I said! I like the beautiful mess deal. I'm right there!