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grab a cup
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Gusts of grace to glory

The craziness of life hit hard the last couple of days.  Exhaustion, lack of preparation, caught off guard, omigoshihavetowork!  I only work one night a week for my husband, so he can get ready to go back to school soon.   I need to learn his route so I can do it when he needs me to.  I am grateful that it is only one night, but the infrequency suprises me still on the days I realize an hour before I have to leave - that I need to leave.
Hurry up and wait, pressures of 'once-in-a-lifetimes' and constant interruption of sleep and no opportunity to rest.  My sister in law is due yesterday for her first baby.  Her parents arrived from Uruguay last week.  They are so precious to us, and we rarely get to see them.  English is very broken, but not always necessary.  We went mall walking to try to induce labor. 
Swinging from one cup of caffeine to the next.  Only 4 hours of interrupted sleep - getting too regular these days.  Can't even remember English at times!  No bad stresses that shatter my world, but just life...
THEN... to my pleasant suprise, this craziness leads to a simple but delightful discovery. 
I couldn't put my challah dough together at my usual time.  I had gotten my iPhone (finally!) and my calendar settings weren't synchronizing correctly.  My "Make the challah dough" reminder went AWOL.  I was mall walking when I normally would be doing it.  I was so exhausted that I totally forgot!  SO I had to quickly throw it together between homeschool class and playdate today.  And it raised SO beautifully at room temperature, instead of the fridge.  It was SO much softer, and much easier to knead and braid, that it just purely made my week!
I could have just picked up some bread at the store as I scurried home to make Shabbat dinner.  But we have come to just love the smell of the baking bread as we set the candles and cup out for our family meal, I just couldn't bear to not have the comfort of that smell today.
Now I sit and enjoy the spoils of my battle with this week: challah dipped in gravy of carne de panella, leftover chocolate pie, and the strains of Paul Baloche's Greater Song. 
Lifting Him higher in my heart...
Shabbat shalom!

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  1. You table and bread is beeeeutiful! KUDOS. I battle with Sabbath each week. I'm gogin to start cleaning and laundry day on Thursday. Baking on Friday to see if it helps.